Kungaloosh Adventurer!

A society of distinguished explorers and adventurers, The Adventurers Club was formed in 1837 to uncover long-lost artifacts of the ancient world--relics with the power to do great harm or good, depending on who wields them.

The Adventurers, a motley crew of gypsies and generals, aviators and athletes, scientists and scholars, have searched the globe in pursuit of adventure and treasure, returning to their headquarters on Pleasure Island to share their fantastical exploits, breakthroughs and to warn of imminent dangers and those who harbor dark secrets.

Over the years, the Adventurers have discovered Peruvian Emperor Kuzco’s Palace, the lost ruins of Agrabah and the Atlantean Shepherd’s Journal. But the one artifact that has alluded them for over a century is the magical Balinese music box. Legend states that the music box was used by Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan to conquer the known world. It is said to contain the enchanted voice of Rati, the Balinese goddess of love, who holds the power not only to cause large-scale war and destruction but also to end it--and in so doing bring about lasting peace and enlightenment to all.

In 1921, Stella Hastings, a foremost members of the Club, uncovered mythical stone map pieces that led them closer to the music box and foretold that only an Adventurer with the purest of hearts would ever make it all the way to the treasure. On the cusp of discovering the co-ordinates of the music box, Stella Hastings and her trusted cohort Sam Sterling, mysteriously disappeared. Since then, the world has remained in a state of unrest and the location of the Balinese music box remains a mystery.

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