Welcome brave adventurer. As the newest member of the Adventurers Club, we welcome you to our ranks and offer a refresher of some fo our club’s more notorious members.

Theo Hastings

Our story follows Theo, who daydreams about a life of adventure. After his mother goes missing, Theo finds himself swept up into the world of the Adventurers Club.

Stella Hastings

An excellent problem-solver, Stella was the first to crack the mystery of the stone map pieces that lead to the Balinese music box. On the cusp of discovering the music box, Stella and her faithful companion Sam go missing.

Lord Henry Mystic

One of the most well-travelled members of the Club, Henry longs to share his discoveries with the world. Fearig the Balinese music box will fall into the wrong hands, Henry enlists the best adventurers from around the globe, including his puzzle-solving nephew, Theo.

Harrison Hightower

Current president of the Adventurers Club and former magician, Harrison seeks ancient treasures and leads the team to finding the Balinese music box.

Emil Bleehall

A Junior adventurer in training, Emil longs to become a full-fledged member of the club. Always working towards a new badge, Emil spends his downtime as the club's driver and mechanic.

Samantha Sterling

Easily the best shot in all of S.E.A., Sam often finds herself escorting club members into uncharted territory. An excellent singer, Sam charms both adventurer and dignitary alike. Upon the cusp of discovering the Balinese music box, Sam and her friend Stella disappear.

Albert Awol

You may know him now as the voice of the Jungle Airwaves and one of the best Skippers in the world. But during our story, Albert was a Skipper down on his luck and dreaming of a life in radio. Having been encouraged by Stella to follow his dreams, Awol is deeply saddened by her passing.

Nadira Jain

Hailing from Anandapur, Nadira is a fierce warrior who is obsessed with Rati, and the enchanted Music Box. A loyal friend and protege of Stella, Nadira has sworn to protect her son Theo, at all costs.

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